System Types

Grid connect systems enable you to reduce your electricity costs during daylight hours.
Most solar systems installed in Australia are grid connect and include solar panels wired to an inverter which feeds the solar electricity produced in to the electricity meter.

Our quotes are all inclusive so that once we’re finished the solar system will be connected to the grid and up and running. Our installation includes a digital net meter which means that solar electricity from your solar system will supply electricity to the house first. If there is an excess of solar electricity produced such as in the middle of a sunny day then the excess will be exported back to the grid.

A grid connect solar system will save you money on your electricity bill but not eliminate it completely.

New England Solar Power has developed their own Ground Mount Framing system which is now available for other Solar Installers to purchase and use.

The NESP Ground Mount Frame System has been engineered to accept modules from 6 major manufacturers. It is made from galvanised steel, engineered for AS 1170.2 and is easily adjustable from 5 degree to 45 degree lift angles, to optimise output.

There are different “Bay Frame” sizes – up to 7 modules between each 2 posts, dependent on the modules. Suits system sizes from 4 to 40000 modules.

New England Solar Power has developed the "Solar Shed" as an option for Stand Alone / Off Grid Power applications.

Some of the benefits over roof mounted systems can be:
The solar shed is positioned for optimum sunshine hours when existing buildings may not be. Your roof may not be suitable for mounting solar panels and frames - i.e. facing the wrong direction or complex hips and valleys.

When solar panels and frames interfere with the aesthetics of a house, the solar shed can be positioned up to 70 meters away from the house.

The battery room and control board are housed inside the solar shed, not taking up precious space in your garage or shed - You won't have to build a lockable and ventilated battery room.

It is a complete power producing unit that can be unbolted and relocated to another property if you move.

The system can be expanded by adding additional ground mounted panel frames, or another shed installed if battery storage is to be increased.

The solar shed can be integrated into an existing diesel generator power supply, allowing for automatic generator starting in extended cloudy periods, or periods of high demand.

Never pay another electricity bill with an off-grid solar power system!
Off-grid solar systems typically include solar panels connected to an inverter, an energy management device, batteries and a back-up generator.

New England Solar Power has over 15 years experience in design, installation and maintenance of off-grid solar systems. We use quality equipment to deliver power and reliability.
The key to the longevity of any off-grid solar system is the battery system. Maintaining batteries in good condition will enable them to last around 10 years.

Our off-grid solar systems are tailored to your energy needs. That’s why we ask you to tell us what electrical appliances/equipment you want before we design a system for you. This enables us to ensure that there is sufficient solar power being supplied (i.e. enough panels) and sufficient battery storage to last you during consecutive days of overcast conditions.

Complete a power demand profile (found just below) and send it to: so we can quote you on an off-grid solar system to meet your needs.

Here is a Power Demand Sheet (Word doc) which you can use to determine your power consumption.

This is an example of a Power Demand Sheet which you can use to determine how much power you need.

Our Systems

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New England Solar power has extensive experience in commercial solar systems up to and beyond 100 kW.

The key to commercial solar is knowing what your daytime electricity needs are as well as determining the most suitable roof space (or ground space for ground mount systems).

Using the latest software, we can design a system specifically for your rooftop, which may involve multiple arrays in different orientations, minimising losses, and maximising the energy yield for the situation.

After obtaining network data on your organisation’s energy consumption, or by installing a data logger for a period, we use software with real solar insolation data specific to your region to analyse the financial impact that various solar system sizes are likely to have on your electricity bill. From this we produce a report, outlining Internal Rate of Return, calculated payback period and estimated bill reduction, on a range of system sizes. The choice is then yours.

Grid Connection

We have successfully negotiated connection agreements for many commercial scale solar PV projects, ranging from 10kWp to 315kWp. This involves providing schematics of the specific designs, and ensuring that voltage rise in the installation is minimised, and all connections meet the NSW Service & Installation Rules. On occasion this requires additional network protection equipment; we have the expertise to carry out this work.


As part of the process we put you in touch with an experienced structural engineer who has made many assessments of roof structures for commercial PV projects, giving you the confidence that your roof can support a large solar array.

As part of the electrical design of the PV system, we may choose to look at Power Factor Correction equipment to create further savings for your business. This can be done using separate equipment, or sometimes, through programming of the solar inverters to produce some reactive power, in negotiation with the electricity supply network connection agreement.

Solar Hybrid Systems

Solar hybrid systems enable you to reduce your electricity costs by going ‘off the grid’ for a period of time.

Hybrid systems include solar panels connected to an inverter, an energy management device, batteries and the electricity grid.

The benefits of solar hybrid systems include:

  • Ability to use most or all of the solar energy produced rather than exporting it back to the grid;
  • Minimise use of the grid during peak times (ideal for time-of-use metered sites);
  • Protection against grid outages;
  • Recharge the batteries using solar or the grid.

  • Who would benefit from a solar hybrid system?
    Commercial applications
    Large users of electricity are charged per kVA (kilo-Volt-Amp) for their peak demand; the highest instantaneous amount of power drawn from the grid. With a solar hybrid system, peak demand can be capped at a given level with any extra power requirements supplied by battery storage. With kVA charges reaching over $15/kVA for some businesses, a solar hybrid system can be an effective way of reducing energy costs.

    Eliminate the inconvenience of power outages
    If you rely on power being available around the clock, 365 days a year then a solar hybrid system gives you the ability to store energy for unforeseen power outages. Systems can be designed so that a generator will automatically start once battery levels are depleted.

    Additional power capacity
    Upgrading the power supply to a rural property can be a very expensive exercise. If you need bigger power capacity then energy stored in batteries can be drawn upon to supplement the existing power supply.

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    Rob Taber

    Rob is the founding Director of New England Solar Power and has been designing and installing solar power systems since 1997. Rob has 30 years experience in the Auto-Electrical trade, BCSE/CEC accreditation and is the Treasurer of the Solar Energy Industries Association. Rob was the 2014 Winner of the Armidale Business Leader of the Year Award and the Regional Business Leader of the Year

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    Geoff Bragg

    Geoff is our resident sunman(follow him on Twitter @sunman_geoff). He has been passionate about solar technology for years and is our chief solar designer for grid connect, solar hybrid and off-grid solar systems (BCSE/CEC accredited and licensed electrician 278714C). He recently won Apprentice of the Year - New England Region and the Excellence in Electrotechnology Award at the NSW State Training Awards. He is a strong advocate of the solar industry and holds the positions of: Chairman of NSW Solar Energy Industries Association and is the Secretary of the Australian Solar Council & Energy Storage Council. In his spare time he does radio interviews on all things solar related!

    Cameron Dalgleish

    Cameron joined the team in 2013 and has a keen interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy. He looks after sales, stock, installation schedules and, grid connection applications and is our main point of contact in the office.

    Mike Schmidt

    Mike organises grid connection applications, stock ordering, installation scheduling, OHS compliance and & generally assists in the office. He is also out in the field with Roland doing installations.

    Erica Hays

    Erica handles all our accounts and invoicing & assists in the office.

    Roland Raus

    Roland is one of our technicians and an enthusiastic member of the team, bringing years of small-engineering, plumbing, electrical and construction experience. He installs and maintains Stand Alone and Grid Connect solar systems under the supervision of Rob & Geoff.

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